Jason And The Argonauts | Full Adventure Fantasy | PART 1

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Опубликован в 21 Nov 2020 / В Фильм и анимация

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PART 2 is here! - https://youtu.be/0FyoJMEgwPg
Jason And The Argonauts - PART 2 - It's the time of Ancient Greece, 2000 B.C., and the city of Iolcus is under attack. Jason is only three years old when his uncle, evil tyrant Pelias, kills his father King Aeson, the popular ruler of Iolcus, and claims the throne. Furthermore, Pelias marries Jason's mother, Queen Polymele. Fortunately, Jason is rescued from certain death and taken away from Ioclus to be raised.

Year: 2000
Cast: Maya McLaughlin, Jason London, Frank Langella, Dennis Hopper, Derek Jacobi, Natasha Henstridge, Angus MacFadyen
Genres: Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Thriller

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